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Our Projects



Clean Water Projects

Pilot Low Cost Drilling and Pumps Project is currently welcoming financial and technical support from everyone to pilot the use of low cost drilling and Pumps within the region. The purpose of this project is to provide alternative low cost drilling and pumps which are affordable to the Local population within the region.


Community Empowerment Project (CEP)

The Community Empowerment Project (CEP) With technical and financial support from SNV, is currently implementing two components of the Community Empowerment Project in the two Parishes of Kerepi and Lowoi namely the School and Community WASH components of the project. The overall goal of the school WASH component of the CEP Project is to contribute to increased access to quality education through structured parent’s involved in school activities. The Programme also aims at increasing access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene in the primary schools in the two Parishes. The overall objective of the community WASH component of the CEP Project is to contribute to increased access to safe water and sanitation in households by 11.5%, having at least 90% functional water facilities sustained by the users, decreasing the number of water bone diseases in communities by 22%, improve latrine coverage by 100%, reducing walking distances to safe water sources to 1.2 km and improved hygienic behaviour in communities by 22



Peace and Justice Program

The Peace and Justice Commission is aiming at peace restoration within our Diocese. It focuses on identifying and knowing the laid plans for peace and analyzing the challenges to peace processes in the state. It also looks into actions of women rights and child rights violations and seeks measures to curb them.


"Identifying obstacles to peace helps develop sustainable ways for stability in the state and across the border."

Peace and Justice Commission Coordinator ~ Father John Opi