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The Catholic Diocese of Torit (CDOT) is a local church Organization created on May 2nd 1983 just 14 days before the onset of the 20 years old civil war that has just ended in the Sudan. CDOT is located in Eastern Equatorial region of South Sudan an area approximately 80,000.00sq km. The diocese borders three countries; Uganda from the Southwest, Kenya from south and Ethiopia from northeast. The Diocese is divided into three deaneries: a. Eastern Deanery b. Central Deanery C. Western Deanery Covering eight counties of Magwi in the west, Torit in the Central, Lopa and Budi in the Southeast, the greater Kapoeta in the East which comprises of Kaopeta East, Kapoeta South,Kapoeta North and Ikwoto. The Diocese of Torit looks after a population of 1.3 million people; this includes displaced people within the Diocese and outside due to war. The population of the Diocese became big because of the inconveniences caused by LRA. CDOT has a population which entails over 17 main ethnic groups. Half a million of this population have once fled the war and were living in camps in the neighbouring countries Uganda & Kenya. CDOT with its geographical features of mainly semi – Arid and Shrub land with a combination of vast plains, hilly terrains and mountains in the South eastern, Savannah and mountainous forests in the north western, suffers from ongoing Civil War between the northern Islamic government of Khartoum and the rebels (Predominantly Christians “ The SPLA” in the south. This war is complicated by rebel factions fighting each other also in Eastern Equatorial in recent years. Besides hostilities and fighting between the different ethnic groups and within these groups makes it extremely difficult to build up permanent structures of health services. The vision and mission of the Diocese is to serve God’s people and to be united with them in times of suffering and peace. “We are the hope for the desperate people of God in the diocese.” As we seek to serve God’s people through sacrifices and pains during the war. The Sudan People’s Liberation Army started in 1983 it fought for the liberation of the black Sudanese. By taking over the responsibility for provision of health services, water supplies and food security and education in different parts of the diocese, CDOT struggles hard to support the war affected population and build up a modest infrastructure to allow some development to take place.